Exploring Heron Haven

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Recently friends and I decided to explore Heron Haven. This is quickly becoming an annual event as Carolyn and I walked with her children through the wetlands and butterfly sanctuary a second year in a row. Herons were no where to be found for the crush of visitors wanting to view them. Yet it was a lovely day for chasing blowing leaves and butterflies, especially if you are under 12 or possess a camera.

My friend’s mid-sized child, Callum, is seven years old and recently lost his first tooth. So all the world is now perceived through the lens of, “I don’t have a tooth there anymore.” Carolyn and Matt’s oldest is an 9 year old beauty, with all the energy and enthusiasm of one mustering up a head of steam to give the world a run for it’s money. Big smile, easy laughter and delightful heart all bubble around Alana with her inquisitive questions and adult-like conversation.

It was much like dancing as Alana was, in one moment, childlike and skipped with her brother and sister along the path. In the next moment she strolled with Carolyn and I, asking important and in-depth questions about Cottonwood trees. With my vast store of botanical knowledge I was able to sustain her interest for 14 seconds or more. It makes me wonder if this is what its like to watch children grow. One minute they’re content to be in the world of small children, looking through toy binoculars. In the next minute, they seem so mature, and I’m compelled to treat them as such.

After a short walk to the duck blind we learned the Butterfly Release event would occur in just moments. Carolyn and I stifled giggles as her smallest daughter, Eden, chattered with enthusiasm and gave instructions to hurry, leading the way. There is nothing quite so delightful as the unquenchable enthusiasm of children.

It makes me thoughtful of how our Heavenly Father views us, and encourages us to approach Him as little children. My guess is that He wants me to trust Him with everything. No worries. No calculated thoughts about aging, staying fit, keeping the budget, and putting more hours in at work. When I read His words, “…for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these … ” it all makes sense. Of course it does! It belongs to the heart that is abandoned to Him. It belongs to the child who will climb up into her Papa’s lap, and listen, and gaze into His eyes, wondering, “How do you see me, Papa?” Just like Callum’s whole perspective on life is changed because he’s missing a tooth, so must our perspective become like that of a child who knows and believes she is loved.

One thought on “Exploring Heron Haven

    Susie Koenig said:
    September 22, 2010 at 7:48 pm

    Amen, Cousin !! Sometimes what I most want to do is climb in my Heavenly Father’s lap and just feel safe, secure and loved. =)

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