Off To See The King

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I’m off to see the King!
His dwelling place is deep within,
And yet it’s over yonder.
Where clouds collide with setting sun,
Leaving me to ponder.

What if I press through,
Into that piercing pocket?
Its veil so thin
All of Heaven bids me ‘Come in!’

Mounting the steed called Faith
I cast my doubt aside
Giving Him rein, I lean in for speed,
And breathlessly enjoy the ride.

Into the Kingdom we stride as one,
My scarlet cape flutters.
With every step the atmosphere shudders -
Charged! Brilliant and free!

‘What will I find?’
my pounding heart wanders.
Will it mesmerize like gold and stories untold?
Then I hear Love’s voice calling to me.

My head snaps about
As I look for the source.
I dismount my ride as we end our course.
I bow low.

Love speaks again
With a voice so soft
My heart smolders with a mixture of thoughts.
‘Daughter. Let’s change your name.’

I fumble to the ground face down,
the altar before me
where now my death to self will kiss the King of Glory.

The world behind me
in filmy disarray.
I give it not a thought while before the altar I lay.

Transformed I know
I cannot stay away.

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