Being Led By His Spirit and Not My Soul

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(c) All Rights Reserved - Photo by Samantha PenhaleThere are many seemingly good things that “other people” get to do with their lives, normal things, that He doesn’t chastise me for doing, and also are quite fun in the moment. Yet He calls me to a deeper thing, a more selfless work, and I’ve sidestepped it, trying to be “normal”. The holiness of God overcomes me and the dross of my life burbles to the surface, so it is that this undertaking I realize has been a work of my flesh, and my soul, and not so much the Spirit. My personal example is the purchase of this house three years ago, but it could be anything. Does He want good things for us? Absolutely! Does He want the best for us? Absolutely! Is it all for naught? No but there’s dross there, and He’s purifying me with that. He is teaching me to look deeper and to go deeper into Him for His true leading and not be led by my soul. It’s humbling but not with any shame. I guess it is going to help me be more discerning about my writing and more significant callings … to peel off the soul and flesh so that I get at the truly God-thing.

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