My Inner Manx

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Clancy is pretty sure he’s a Tiger Manx who rules his domain with unquestioned authority. 

In reality he’s a Tabby with a long swishy tail, whose tummy sort of flaps in the breeze when he trots through the garden.

This inner belief that he’s really a Manx causes him to strut with a stealthy gate. Pretending to be quite fierce, he paces the edge of the yard watching for intruders and challenging anyone who would defy him. Late at night he pounces on the lightening bugs and moths who cross his path. Bounding across the yard he stalks a butterfly meandering through the Clematis. All flying folk fear him and only ever so carefully whiz in his way.

Clancy stalked and he stared until one day a passing feral hopped onto the edge of the fence. Clancy howled. Surely Mama would rescue him soon.

The stray cat only grimaced atop the chain fence and was soon on his way. Clancy’s Mama scooped him up as he shuttered to think of his near-death escapade.

Hmm, maybe he was just a Tabby after all.

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