On Seeing Clearly

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It’s a stretch for any one of us to express how we see God. It’s awkward to admit it but it’s easier to perceive Him as being a lot like our parents. Perhaps distant or preoccupied; or too intense and demanding; irritable at least some of the time. “Ugh, stay out of the kitchen. Mom’s on a tare and unless you want to get stuck doing the dishes you’d better lay low.” And yet, what is the closest reference that we have to understanding God? It’s the people around us … the emotionally healthy ones. The ones who are chasing God.

If He is the sun then we are all moons reflecting His glory. — Author unknown

Though we underestimate the far-reaching power and magnitude of His love, and it’s ability to bring about radical change in a life, God falls over Himself to show that love to us. For me that love comes through the men and women He has given me as friends. Through loving them, and permitting them to love me, I have opportunities to see glimpses of what He is really like. I was talking with the Lord recently and He said this to me about some ladies who have walked over glass for me. I believe the message would be true of my husband if I had one. To the men reading this, I pray that you have men who have run the gauntlet for you and, slightly altered, you would find the Lord saying something similar to you …. in hurly-burly man-words like power, and guts, and war, and sharp, pointy objects. Oo-rah! Whatever. This is what He said to me ….

“Be ever in awe of what I am doing in her. She is carrying Me and manifesting Me in the natural realm. Because you know Me and see Me in her you can help her become more than she is today. You can help stretch her belief and her faith for what I am doing in her and through her. The more she believes, the more expansively I can be expressed through her life. My beauty is expressed in her beauty. My creativity is expressed through the creative works she encompasses. Walk with her and help her pull down her dreams and destiny into the Now of Time.”

And so seeing God accurately is more about seeing God in those around us. Find a friend who is chasing God. Walk beside them and carry their dreams in your heart. You might find they’ll do the same for you. Christ in you, the hope of Glory . That is the mystery.


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