Writing: The Deepest Well

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From the time I was a young girl I’ve been an avid reader of Elisabeth Elliot’s work. She’s a beautiful lady, and considered one of the most influential Christian women of our time. Elisabeth has influenced my writing and my journey with the Lord tremendously. While still in my teens I read many of her books and they set the direction of my life and my choices.

An interestingstjames_iris_2.jpg side note … I was able to hear Elisabeth speak in public several years ago. I took one of our many copies of Passion and Purity with me, for her to sign. The moment of meeting Elizabeth was profound for me. She had taught me so much! It was almost a girl-crush. I’d pinned so many steps of obedience to God, so much faith-growth to her exceedingly transparent life. When I met her I was chagrined to realize how deeply private she actually was. I was a bit surprised at my inability to have a memorable dialogue with her, yet that moment of clumsy conversation set the direction for my life again, and here is why.

I have always felt a pull to write from a place in my heart that most would consider too raw, too transparent. Quite possibly it’s the reason why I’ve held off on writing for others’ purview for so many years. It’s deeply satisfying but utterly exhausting to reach into that place and bring it to paper. Only real experiences, raw experiences are interesting to me, and they are what I pass along to others.

When I failed to connect with Elisabeth at that level of intimacy I’d found in her writing I knew that the Lord’s promise to me was true. I was to go and do likewise to write from that deepest well, and let Love cover my words. He would make good on His promise.

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