Sing-song a Swaying

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Morning’s melody of winged ones ring-ring my thoughts.

Robin’s rosy belly and Hummingbird’s bizz-buzz business.

Window panes prefer their hop-hop.

Move swiftly, they chide.  Tick-tick to next things.

Sorrow for but a moment. Sing-song a swaying sonnet.

Looking beyond, lasso the Milky Way. Ceaseless Handy-Man.

Daddy’s here. All things new. Glimmer-shimmer in the sunlight.

Sparkle me with your piqued pitter-patter until I can see the way through.

Scarlet cords strewn about. Woven together, weebles wobble a wavy way.

Wound around weathered mountains scaled and left-behind. Breathless.

I see You. The path You’ve set for me. Expansive. Expensive. Ever-opening.

Courage on, I enter the dance. Nobility not known. Never mind.

Reaching into realms. Day’s light drip-dropping into ceaseless sea.

Ceaselessly see me, singing so that You see. You are all to me.

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