Flourishing in the Now

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When I prepared to move to Southern California, my life was stripped clean of unnecessary stuff. I sold a bit, and gave most of it away. I kept the heirlooms and antiques … the things near and dear to my heart. It turns out the Lord was doing the same thing in my heart. He was clearing out the cobwebs of ambiguity, the strands of nothing-ness that occupied time and space. He re-defined the pillars of truth and simplicity that would guide my life here.

No matter where we live, no matter what our track record of obedience or sacrifice or rebellion … nothing prepares us for the next season. For some it is betrayal delivered on a platter by the friends that we trusted. For others it is loss. For another, the mission field in which they find themselves is devoid of the food, water, sanitation and societal norms that they are forced to re-define survival, let alone flourishing.

Learn to flourish in your heart in spite of everything.

Be the green olive tree beside the river whose roots sink deep below the superficial, and whose leaves blossom in every season.

We think we know who will walk with us for the next 20 years, who will never abandon us. And yet we cannot choose the “who” that will be in our lives. Friendships are always and forever … a gift. Undeserved. Silases appear so that we might walk the road together, to sing until the chains break.

Like Jacob we develop a steely tenacity that says, “I will not let You go until You bless me.” Thankfully Father loves His sons and daughters through the night and by morning He changes our name.