On Bare Heights

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Along the bare heights I traveled

Bereft and spent, mile after mile, they stretched before me.

Young, fledgling vineyards filled the lowlands,

Grassy, rolling hills ascending the heights;

Finally, those barren peaks stood strong, their broad shoulders mocking me.Northern CA Barren Heights

My eyes strayed from peak to peak

Looking, always, for Hope’s wings unfettered

He didn’t meet me there.

Then through the winding woods I scurried

Turn after wrenching turn; my heart ached with a single thought, to see the shore.

‘Surely I will meet Him there!’ I thought.

It was late afternoon when my heart was finally satisfied.

My heart braced itself as I watched and felt the tumultuous crash of waves against the rocks.

I was reminded of His words,

“Thus far shall you come, and no further. And here shall your proud waves stop.”

‘Crash through my soul!’ I cried, as my heart took in the waves, the exalted rocks and their mossy edges;

In the gloaming light I watched as the cattle grazing along the coast, the fertile pasture verdant and sure.

Once again the mountainous woods beckoned me to complete my journey.

I turned to respond, heart heavy with responsibility.

Thick and dark, the strong wood was lined with rock sheers on either side.

My way was narrow and sharp; not a single false move permitted.

My eyes narrowed and my mind engaged the next leg of my journey.

My heart whispered, “I know that Thou art True. There is no One like You. Come to me!”

“Hush soul. He’s here. His Presence is here. Be still.”

Thus I endeavored back into the dark night of the soul, where the dreadful beauty of creation threatened me.

Yet it’s Creator, Very God, beckoned to hold my hand.

“It’s enough,” I said.

“…just to have You hold my hand.”

One thought on “On Bare Heights

    Carolyn said:
    March 24, 2010 at 12:57 am

    Just beautiful in every way!

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